Saturday, September 12, 2009

Early Afternoon

Today has been a wonderful day and it's only early afternoon.

I awoke to a foggy morning overlooking "our" lake.
I scratched my Shar Pei's back like I do each morning.
He talked to me, like he does each morning.
I breathed the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee.
I sat while the "house" slept thinking of love.
I smiled wide.
I listened to "young kid's" music of now-a-days.
I listened to a different beat, a different tempo...but same message.
I watched my young adult son walk down from an unburdened sleep.
I thanked GOD.
I listened to his words.
I felt a humbled pride in the man that he has become.
I walked down to the lake.
I took several pictures of a Wolf Spider and his intricate home.
I wondered how I could later cut the grass without disturbing him/her.
I thanked GOD.
I walked on a knee that everyone but a few questioned it's future.
I thought of the upcoming NFL season and remembered excitement.
I dressed in nice clothes after a hot shower.
I drove with the windows down and the radio off.
I sang.
I sat with a woman as she left this world and entered Heaven.
I thanked GOD.
I watched an elderly man in bed smile as his wife entered the room.
I watched an elderly woman beam joy when he said, "Good Morning Honey!"
I thanked GOD.
I saw a little lady cry in bed.
I prayed with her for the safety of her grandchildren.
I handed her a tissue.
I handed me one too. :)
I witnessed an old man sitting next to his sister who was asleep in her bed.
I found that his name was Frank and that he has a Nissan that he didn't really like.
I listened to the hurt in his voice go away for 15 minutes.
I prayed for him to be comforted.
I prayed for the Nissan's windshield wipers to work again.
I watched a little lady play with her oxygen tubing trying to figure out what it was.
I saw a handmade beaded cross sitting on her pillow.
I held it out in front of her.
I watched her smile and reach for it instead.
I thanked GOD.
I read words of love from the woman that loves me.
I thanked GOD.
I smiled a lot today.
I thanked GOD that it was only early afternoon.

An Excerpt from "Pure and Good" Copyright 2009