Friday, November 21, 2008

Life's Chapters.

A book is divided into many chapters. Pick up any book and what is one of the first things that you do(other than read the last page)? If you are like me, you go to the index and peruse the titles of the chapters. The chapter titles often reveal the "flavor"of the book. The chapters are always distinct and though they build on the previous sections, they often are capable of standing on their own and announce...a piece of the story.
Our lives are no different....filled with chapters. Though there is one subtle difference. Let me explain.
Stop for a moment. (Please do this) Take a piece of paper and look back at your life. Look frontwards or backwards...makes no difference. Write down key turning points in your life...marriage, kids, careers, etc. Write down "Your Chapters".
If you are like me, you can list quite a few in a short period of time. It was easy for me to think of 10 chapters. Then, I thought of another one to insert between the third and fourth. Now I have 11 chapters. But wait. Another exists, and then another. Every chapter tells a piece of who you are.
Now look through your chapters. Were your chapters announced? Were you capable of fingering through the index of your life to see what the next section was to bring. Probably not. Unlike a book, life's chapters often come...unannounced. It isn't until we have lived the chapter, that we then realized, it was one.
Wouldn't it be awesome to know when a new "life chapter" was beginning? Could you then have an effect on it's content? A little tweak here...a little tweak there...take this road and avoid the, laugh and love from the first page to the last.

Throughout my life I have witnessed GOD's direction and experienced HIS miracles...unfortunately it took me years to listen. Yesterday was no different. I am GOD's eager student and HE has been teaching me to look for each chapter's beginning. Yesterday was one such beginning. As I stood at the top of the staircase I was reminded of this.
We finalized the purchase of our "Lake House"...yet another chapter. Sandi and I feel that this chapter will be full of promise...full of laughter...full of love and the fulfillment to share treasured moments with our friends and family.
I can't wait to see you in our newest chapter.
"See you at the lake!!!"
Dr M

An excerpt from: "The Journey Learned" copyright 2008

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Great job Dr. M ... I just love how your mind works. I followed along on this "chapters in my life" writings and I not only found I had chapters to write but I also had sequels to the original!! There are chapters I would not want anyone to read ... but I know they too are what make me who I am today!! Please give your lovely wife my love and congratulations to the both of you on your purchase ... someday maybe I can see it in person! I'm so glad you started this blog ... I can't tell you how much I enjoy your writings!! Bless you my friend!!